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Can dogs be gay?

Dogs are so loving and so caring, there’s no question about that. When it comes to dog on dog relationships, do dogs care about gender or do they just love? We discuss our experience with dog on dog love. Check out for more!

Protect Yourself with a Dog

The world is a scary place and it is getting even more dangerous as times go on, but with a dog at your side, you can be comfortable that you will be safe. Dogs offer great protection in terms of deterrence in the form of noise and also ative protection by way of their ability to physically fight off assailants. The guys talk about their experience using dogs as protection and offer tips on how to use a dog for safety. Check out more at!

Should you let dogs lick your face?

Everyone loves puppy kisses, but is it hygienic? The guys discuss a recent article that addressed the pros and cons of the practice. Check out more at and @thepawprince on instagram!

Hurricane Matthew Survival Update 2 with Special Guest

We invited a special guest on this edition of the Guys and Dogs Podcast. A good friend of ours, Mark, lives on the Atlantic coast of Florida, so had an interesting experience avoiding death and destruction as Hurricane Matthew tore up the Atlantic coast of Florida. We lost connectivity right at the end, so apologies for the abrupt cut off (some lingering issues from the hurricane we think). Check out more at and @thepawprince on instagram!

Hurricane Matthew Aftermath Podcast

The guys talk about their experience with Hurricane Matthew. We lost power, we lost cell service, we lost our minds! Hurricane prep is tough but our cute little dogs kept us sane as we dealt with the craziness of disaster preparation. Listen to more episodes at

Hurricane Matthew Podcast – Keeping Pets Safe During a Storm

The guys talk about how they are preparing their dogs for the arrival of Hurricane Matthew in Florida. A category 4 hurricane is bearing down on Florida and threatening the safety of millions of residents. Its important to have a survival plan in place, so we discuss steps for preparation and share funny stories about our experiences with hurricanes. Check out more episodes at

Saturday Night Out for The Guys Podcast

Guys hanging out on a Saturday night talking about the wacky world of Uber! Check out more episodes at

Sexist Dog Costumes? Podcast

We discuss a dog story about those who are offended by animal costumes that lift up sexist gender roles – this one you can’t miss! Check out more episodes at

What do dogs really care about?

A recent study showed that dogs care more about praise than food. The guys talk about their dogs and how they don’t really fit that mold! Check out more episodes at



Epic TSA dogs bomb fail!

As if we needed another reason to not like the TSA! Tests at major airports concluded that the bomb detecting dogs failed. The guys talk about this terrible outcome and more! Check out more episodes at